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Week of January 22, 2018
Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,

I confess: I'm no longer a caregiver, but I am late. A little. And a lot. A little getting the "Dear Friends" letter updated and a lot getting the "Among Friends" newsletter out.

I know, looking back on my own caregiver days, if you're like most of those helping a loved one you're seldom (if ever) caught up. That's not your fault. Caregiving has so many items on its to-do list that it's pretty much impossible to get them all checked off in a timely manner. Then, too, the list is always shifting and growing.

And so, in the above  list of "New Year's Resolutions for Caregivers," and featured in the first "quarterly" newsletter since Spring-Summer 2016 (!), I encourage you to: be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, and be less hesitant to ask for help.

And in that newsletter, now posted here, you'll see the main article is "God Knows Caregiving Is Hard."

You know it, too.

And both of you are right!

- - -

This week we're so pleased to welcome Teresa M. of California, Samantha W. of Florida, Margaret C. of Michigan, Linda G. of Oklahoma, and Deb D. of Ohio, as the newest members of the Friends of St. John the Caregiver. Please keep them and their intentions in your prayers. They have promised to pray for you and yours.

And again this week we cordially invite you to join the Friends of St. John the Caregiver! (FSJC's programs include and You can find out more about becoming a member here.

No meetings, no dues. All we ask is that you pray for caregivers and those receiving care. Our members include caregivers, care-receivers, and those who support both (including quite a few former caregivers).

You can:

sign up on-line here

or call us toll-free at 1-800-392-JOHN (5646)

or print and mail an application form.

God bless you!


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