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Your 'Caregiver Radar'

Week of August 6, 2022
Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,

As you well know, caring for a loved one means living in a state of change. Or, put another way, just when you and your dear care-receiver seem to get to the "finish line" -- figure out how to deal with the latest concern (or crisis) and learn to accept it as best you both can -- that line moves.

Physically or mentally something shifts and another challenge needs facing. Handling.

And, as you also know, that's exhausting. Even as you, dear caregiver, have the status quo under control (again, as much as possible), your "caregiver radar" is constantly on alert.

It's scanning for even the smallest small "blip" on the screen that may mean trouble is approaching.

There are many, many reasons caregiving is so hard because caregiving is so very, very complicated. It makes demands on you physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially...and on and on.

Remember the line from the old poem that began "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." You could rewrite that. "What's involved in caregiving for thee?" And, I'm sure, you could list a lot of ways.

But, of course, you do those things, to the best of your ability, because you do love that person. And each facet of your caregiving is really a facet of that love.

This may help you. It's one of our topics/fliers: "An Assessment Checklist for Family Caregivers." You can find it in a pdf format here.

You remain in my prayers and in the prayers of members of the Friends of St. John the Caregiver around the world.


- - -

Again this week we cordially invite you to join the Friends of St. John the Caregiver! (FSJC's programs include and You can find out more about becoming a member here.

No meetings, no dues. All we ask is that you pray for caregivers and those receiving care. Our members include caregivers, care-receivers, and those who support both (including quite a few former caregivers).

You can:

sign up online here

or call us toll-free at 1-800-392-JOHN (5646)

or print and mail an application form.

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