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Caregiving is Pro-life!

 The Friends of  St. John the Caregiver was included
in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops'
2007-2008 Respect Life program.

    "At the other end of life, as well, the bonds of love between generations are being stretched thin. Some doctors and ethicists claim that patients with dementia or in a so-called 'persistent vegetative state' are no longer really persons, and that families should deny them even the most basic forms of nourishment and care. And yet, however weak and vulnerable such patients may appear, they have the awesome power to inspire heroic, sacrificial love from their family members and caregivers – a power that can lead to the sanctification of those who care for them. . . .
    "May we never tire of proclaiming the dignity and worth of every human life. May we never tire of serving the vulnerable and their caregivers with generous hearts. And may we never cease to pray for the day when all people, and all societies, will defend the life of every human from conception to natural death."

                                                            Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities
                                           United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


   "As Catholics we know that the truth of human life is infinitely greater than any narrow view that dismisses some lives as disposable. 'We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution,' Pope Benedict pointed out at his Inaugural Mass. 'Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary.'
    "The truth that human life has a purpose, given by its Creator, has been bedrock of Western civilization. This conviction animated our country’s founding documents. God's creative and sustaining love for every human being is the one sure source of human dignity and freedom. His love for us is the fundamental reason why every human life must be valued and defended. It is not possible to maintain a community of justice, freedom, and solidarity built on any other foundation."

Statement of Cardinal William H. Keeler 
for the Respect Life Sunday on October 2, 2005


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