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Right Here, Right Now

    "Can you hear me now? . . . Good!"

    Itís a great commercial for reception on your cell phone but what about listening or talking with God?

    True prayer is all about that relationship, that communication with God. Just the two of you, visiting. Thatís a nice thought, isnít it?

    We donít need to know the exact words to prayers we were taught when we were little. It doesnít matter if we stand or sit or kneel, if itís a Sunday or if weíre anywhere near a church.

    Anytime, day or night, He is here with us. Try it out!

    Youíre making breakfast,
    "Can you here me now?" He will. "Good!"
    Waiting in the doctorís office,
    "Can you here me now?" He will. "Good!"
    How about that point in the day when you think youíre going to "lose it"?
    "Can you here me now?" He will. "Good!"

    All day long . . . morning, noon, and evening . . . He is with us.

    And, thankfully, when itís quiet in the middle of the night and weíre so tired and so scared -- He is with us.

    Whenever we want to pray, the Good News is Heís waiting -- right here, right now.


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