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How to Nourish Your Spiritual Life

     Caregiving includes a strong spiritual component. Here are some suggestions for ways that you can nourish your spiritual life in your role as a caregiver:

     Pray every day. Make an effort to spend quiet time with God.

     Read Scripture.

     Ask for prayers from your parish community for your parent and for you as a caregiver.

     Prayerfully reflect on your unique role as a caregiver and realize the special gift you have been given.

     Use the principles of Catholic caregiving as a foundation in decision making.

     Provide comfort and compassionate care.

     Accept Godís will for you and your family.

     Take time to be aware of Godís presence.

     Share your thoughts and feelings about your caregiving experiences with a spiritual director or a trusted friend who can honestly support and guide you.

     Ask God to reveal the meaning in your life as a caregiver.

     Seek forgiveness for your mistakes and offer it freely and completely to those who have hurt you.

     Use the Internet for prayers and do an online retreat.

     Attend Mass, and go with your parent if at all possible.

      Write down your thoughts, prayers, fears, and joys in a journal. Review your experiences as a caregiver to become more aware of the presence of God in your daily life.

     Listen quietly to music as a way to slow down and hear the sweet whisperings of God.

     Join or become active in a parish community and draw on the strength of others.

     Read the Liturgy of the Hours and realize God is with you from the moment you wake up to your last thoughts at night.


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